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Blogger beginner and adsense guide

Blogger beginner and adsense guide 2013Today i going to tell about beginner and adsense . Most of beginner not have any knowledge how to interacted with Google and visitor this is fact! most of beginner have a ego some ego is making money with adsense program and make fast every Blogger or blog are playing how to i win the race with adsense 'this is funny!'Yes the beginner are not have any knowledge to survive in blogging fled you know the future of internet marketing is blogging this is future can generate thousand and millions of dollars frankly this a Awesome one to generate high class of money within in a month. But the beginner has this kind of thoughts every blogger have one goal maximum earring with adsense

Many blogger forgot Google policy you all know Google is the giant in internet world behave it well. many blogger are trying to clicks own ads and forcing click your own ads using your friends Not try follow Google adsense policy don't trying to click your own ads Google is great in tracking click where you got from and where, location, browse [etc] Google easily found feuds  FOLLOW Google policy

·         Don't click on your own Google ads.
If you'd like more information about one of the advertisers appearing on your site, please type the URL of the ad directly into your browser's address bar.
·         Don't ask anyone to click on your Google ads.
Encouraging users to click on your Google ads is strictly prohibited -- whether directly or indirectly, on your own site, on third-party sites, or via email. Users should always click on Google ads because they're interested in the services being advertised, not to raise money for your site or for a cause, or to generate some sort ofreward for themselves.
·         Choose the location for your ads carefully.
Publishers should never use tricks or deceptive practices in order to trigger accidental clicks on ads. Make sure that your ads are well-placed on your site, away from interactive elements, do not mimic the surrounding content and are not placed undermisleading headings.
o    Maintain adequate space between the ads and the page controls. For example, on site with games, try to avoid placing ads too close to the game controls. We generally recommend a minimum distance of 150 pixels between the flash player and the ad.
o    Please don't place content ads on interstitial pages, game interfaces, or sites with streaming videos. If you'd like to earn from your video-streaming or game interface by overlaying, in-stream, or interstitial placements, please check outAdSense for videos and AdSense for games.

·         Be aware of how your site is promoted.
Publishers need to be very careful when purchasing traffic or setting up ad campaigns with third parties. Before contracting with any ad network, you should ensure that they will never display your site in pop-ups or as a result of the actions of anysoftware application. Please also keep in mind that publishers using online advertising of any kind must comply Google's Landing Page Quality Guidelines

First time with Adsense [beginner point of view] as  a beginner who dream how big i would make money ? This is the question for all beginner they dreaming about money if i am a beginner i not thing this dam i would thing about how to create a quality content how i create the quality content ? this is not a simple a success is come by handwork you must have a proper plan to success in blogging carrier this most a beginner would thing proper plan is the must to success any field if you not have a proper plan you not succeed first you need before starting blogging career find out which niche of you blog and start a smart plan and implement it . you all know blogging felid is the future marketing as a beginner is not easy in blogging if you have powerful social network if you have a base in social networking then it will help you in blogging career 

SEO yes SEO search engine optimization if you not have SEO you loss in long term yes i sure you all know Google is the search engine giant is your blog is SEO friendly it is ok otherwise it will lose your loyalty visitor I'm sure the blog must be nice as a beginner it is not easy for a blog make beautiful rather than download nice professional blogger template in Internet we have nice professional blogger template just do it  most of professional blogger template are SEO optimize not worry about that .

traffic is cause to help win a adsense race yes traffic is help you to achieve long term success in blogger felid if you have high quality content you must get nice amount of traffic from Google and Bing . most of blogger are trying make his/her blog maximum traffic in internet they are many harmful site are there a beginner thing to generate high amount of traffic from bad site in my opinion this is make you in lot of trouble follow the Google and Google adsense policy don't ever promote you blog to bad site it cause you bad Google will delete tour blog and Google adsense will also disable be aware from this . Every blogger dream to gain high amount of traffic first you set a goal them implemented in you blog than gain this my advice to all of my beginner who start a success in blogging felid

In my word about traffic : traffic is the way of a blogger who create a success in blogging felid getting traffic is not at all easy for best to get traffic as a best it make earn from adsens if you have lot of tons of visitor . as beginner my advice don’t look back look forward and create success in blogging career

Create powerful  Social media platform first steps for beginner to create a powerful base in social networking today is the platform for every beginner and blogger use perfectly to create a great platform to your blog & site. social networking is the life saver it is give a nice life for you to your blog and create success in blogging, but now a day a beginner not fully use the social network perfectly you know Facebook is a great platform for you because when you log in your facebook account you can see your friends are in online and it it easy to share you link this way you can get some quality traffic using social network

I wrote about A social network read it Howcan i gain traffic from social network

                             Howto ADD Pinterest "Pin It"Button To Blogger


Promote your blog and gain success promote you blog these site and gain success in blogging Stumble indiblogger pinterest BlogTopSite [etc]

boost you adsense earning using these steps and create history in blogging good luck

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