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The secret about Google and blogger

          Finally we post about the secret about Google and Blogger in past post we discus about blogging tricks, some hacks, how to make money , blogger widget and SEO this post is so special among past post The Happy Trick is ready to take final point What the secrete between these two one is Google and other is Blogger many of professional blogger know what is Google and what is Blogger but they don’t know what is the secrete among these two if somebody know the secrete he is teat as King in SEO but many high professional blogger may or may not give the secrete because they jealous about other blogger who makes sizable money, you all know Happy Trcik is the site gives you actual one we are not envious about others we just make you a way to make a great success like other there is the reason why new bee not make success in blogging Career it take so many years to take him a success but if he or she know what is the best way or what is the secret in blogging then he or she make success I’m sure this can help you make a better person Read also Effective trick for Teenagers Can Make Money Online and Offline

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          The secrete in blogging career is. The, you and the blog post I discuss in the past about what is a better or best keyword you must use in your blog post read these. You find some idea about the keywords. Now let. See a popular web blog like CNET and Techchurch. The web blog makes millionsof Dollars every single day but how they earn or how they get huge rank in Google but why? These are questions. You must think as a blogger you must think how? But why? Where? These are the questionings you must ask yourself now to let come to the topic those weblogs the use high keywords in every blog post, so they can archive much from Google, Google says ‘the keyword is the heart of every blog post’ so you must use the right keywordsfor your blog post so you can achieve so many big. Think in the future. But how can I make perfect keywords for my blog post? This how your mind and vision can test you must think or knowing what is the future? Or what will be? or where the next? You can get an idea as an example if I make posts about Iphone 6, I make the first research about this topic. The predict what will be the post it in a perfect manner that’s it this show the important about the keywords, all keywords are hurt about your blog. Not forget it. Every site or blog keyword led you an extra life and sustainability in Search engine. It can be helpful long term. Read also. Howwe canmake moneyin InternetMarketing.

          If you have more posts and more attraction keywords, you can gain more attractive traffic from a search engine, especially from Google, do you know about Meta Tag? This is a significant tag in a blog and blog post. Meta tag helps you to attract traffic on the exact keywords you have to use in Meta tag this mean if your blog or website about tech-related niche you can use Meta tag tech related keywords this attractive more audiences Meta tag are the tag which particular your blog niche this important one this can help you more sustain in search engine traffic and attract more audiences based on your Meta tags' keywords. This is the secret in Google and blogger by using the right Meta tag keywords. You can attain maximum result and higher ranking and help you improve your search engine ranking I.e. SEO ranking Meta tag helps you attain a maximum results from you can you just sing the song like “Never say never” by Justin Beber. All meta tags have their own goal. Some goals are getting and popular in search engine, I.e. SEO others certain purpose. You must read this Top 5 survey site you must use.

          Google and Blogger are very close together Blogger. Is a blog created and free hosting you can post hundred of blog articles at coming search engine They are? Many tricks are used in Blogger and Google personally. Google not tell anybody. How? Like that if just find a trending keywords and how it poplar Google knows how when where, but they not tell properly as an example. Google not say what is trending or more relate keywordsin your blog , , Google doesn't say how to get maximum clicks in Google Adsense,they only say about some tips like that they are many tricks are there in the Internet today but use the trust one I personally feel the text ad is the better and earns more clicks per visitor Hunt We give more and trust one like tip's & tricks, hacks, Adsense, keywords (etc.) we promise you this site helps you all problems Read it free domain for your blog.

          The Title is the key weapon in blogging and Google if you use right or more search engines optimize title it helps, if you don’t mind let think about how to generate traffic quickly I mean within alternate in SEO title plays the important role one role is. It helps your visitor choice which article is needed to visit based on title and extra is it. Generate traffic shot term and long term this mean that you can get much traffic based on title and keywords you used, for instance. You just create a title more SEO freely example Google fire Obama this can generate more traffic within seconds like use more attractive and more short title this can help you for long term traffic 4Things Yahoo! Search is better than Google 2015.

          The prediction is the skill about knowing what will be happening this also toward the front planning your blog and post are done forward planning you can sustain in the long term. I'm sure about every article you create by conducting research. Research is the key one in the Internet. They are so many things are happening and going to you must research on Google like keyword research, article research, social network research, SEO research (etc.) this can help you to prepare or post an article for future, in blogging getting an idea is so difficult if you know more about Social Networks, then easy in the social network like Twitter you all know about twitter. Twitter gives your opinion to the world and freedom of expression and speech, for instance, in Twitter you have. Trending Now lists. You notice about this top trending list this can help how popular, For me twitter helps me what was going, create the article based on what information you collect Top 15 Free Website Speed Testing Tools 2016
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