Sunday, 7 June 2015

Hold my idea

Hi guys this is a big moment for me ask a long time I'm blogging that was a big story I was injure on my legs and hand after all I'm come back this was my first blogging in 2015 Let's be a good year I hope !


Yes guys the title are you confuse?  This title is totally different for my previous title I'm changing my stuff so you understand  this topic is entirely different for my blogging title this topic for youth and people of the world
I can also motivates you  also my blog is not for doing stuff I'm reality my blogs is entirely different for all of us!  Let's begin.  Today world's is big different their is no time for sharing and loves that why we changed lot now we use the technology a very close But you change?  I thing yeah!  This article for the youth and business people world is changing lots their is hunt us going down for find out for new ideas and vision this article can change your idea and to be a success

What are you thing choosing the best idea!

·        Chose the best idea that make you feel better Because,  the idea is limited the idea can come from you reality that's sure like your family and friends can make you idea more interestingly.

·        Your idea must be adopt the environment Yes, the idea must adopt the changing environment your idea is simple to adopt the world is moving dangerously the many businesses failed to express the society and the world

·        You idea can feel others As I say the idea must feel others good because you know when we manufacture a new products the customer can enjoy good this why your idea must feel others this can make you more revolution

Sorry about the long  article because I want to say more

My article make you happy or not?  If not ,sorry about that . in my all article my first objective is Trust you now the trust is very important to me because I want to give my readers good experience this can make my readers happy.  My all topic I have the vision to express you the world lot of idea ,please readers give your suggestion this can make me a better blogger
In my word the bloggers is not the art is all about the vision to express the world and giving the idea and feedback to the people 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Get free Recharge Rs 200 and more

Hi guys I’m back with latest tricks. Are you wondering now ??? This makes you wonder do you have mobile balance???? Do you know how to get free mobile recharge every seconds ??? This post all about recharge tricks guys read carefully !

This application make recharge free you can get Rs 200 or more every days this very simple. I post an article about free recharge Freerecharge in legal way but this article all about how recharge maximum amount I mean more than the Rs 200 

First you install Mcent then invite friends you get Rs 50 and more and install apps in android or just look what are the offer Mcent always paid high like if you install GO Launcher EX you get Rs 100 like that you get credit if you each offer is complete this very great I get every days Rs 1000 and more this can save me many thing like internet bills like that we can transfer this balance into any network provider I recently transfer my balance to my friends Rs 100 , mcent is must have application on your android 

Install this app on android 

Do you have Any questions comment right now !

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Free recharge in legal way

Hey guys now is the time to discus about free recharge tricks , everyone asking about free recharge tricks now I publish this for those who need a free recharge every time.

 In India we love free am I right? But so many people don’t know how to free recharge in legal way I mean the right way to do this today I answer all questions.  This app give lot of free recharge no need any effort just downloads and installs apps they will pay each is wonderful 
The legal way to do free recharge in the Internet , this trick for androids in the play store their so many apps to do free recharge but this app let you do in legal way no need any effort just do these steps
free recharge

Earn Talk time not only gives you a joyful, easy and user friendly way of interacting with brands but also gives you free recharges.

Whatz more!!! you earn a lot of free Talktime by inviting your friends to download this app.
Earn Talk time also offers personalized offers on the basis of your profile, location and preferences.
You earn rewards for each offer you opt for through this app.

The amount thus earned can be utilized to recharge any Prepaid mobile number (your own or anyone else's) of any Indian operator.

Your opportunities to earn cash for your free recharges are as –

* Download, Install and access Free Mobile app
* Also get Loan from Earn Talktime to do your Prepaid recharges in case you do not have sufficient balance; that too without any extra fee!!
* Register on a website or Mobile app
* Discover Premier offers
* Discounts on online Shopping websites
* Answer Polls & Surveys

This is must have app in your Smartphone just install those apps and get free recharge .This app give Rs 20 per download  and install app every day they will update the offer  Install this apps Earn Talk Time
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Top way to empowering in internet

I’m finally back with good news the last three months it is very hard to make an article for you, but I am planning more articles, and I am working will come great next 10 days will see the remarkable article wait for that. My article is very popular in the Internet. It is good for me but today. This article makes everybody’s surprise, I recently have published some article about How to make Money in the Internet, but this article is entirely different. This article teaches how empowering and how to use Internet good ways let’s start.

Do you now? How to empower in the Internet? They are more ways to empower in the Internet, but many of us don't know the ways to empower in the Internet. The Internet world builds for interconnecting people and country this show thee how good! Yeah they are many ways of empowering. I have meant to have made money recently. In a world like India don't know the ways to empower in the Internet, We have more youth they will benefit from. This empowers the youth is the most in a developing country or developed country empowers is the strength in any generation. They are more ways to empower in the Internet, but many of us don't know the ways to empower in the Internet. The Internet world builds for interconnecting people and country by use of the Internet this all possible let's start the future first. I publish Effectivetrick for Teenagers Can Make Money Online and Offline this article teaches how to make money, but I not mention more steps to empowering you. This special blog post read and try it. It will be worth it! 


Microworker is the finest crowd sourcing website it is best. You will find thousand of the task on daily basic. Most of the task is relating promotion. It means help to employers in microworker to promote their website so that they can generate good and awesome business from their website. The best this is. The task is extremely easy in nature, and anyone can complete the task no need more knowledge to do. It is great to make money in teenagers or adults. Everyone can complete the slight task it highly simple and comfortable.

I give you some example of the task on microworkers 

·         Follow someone on Twitter
·         Rate a YouTube video
·         Create Gmail account
·         Sing up on some website
·         Upload a photo on some website (etc)

Do you get some idea about microworker ??? I think yes! This is a very easy task. They are a lot of ordinary tasks they offer every hour, Visit microworker and click register that’s it and earn more millions of Dollars.
 Must read: Howwe can make money in InternetMarketing


ShortTask is one of the good crowds sourcing site to make more money. You can earn more money in a single day. 

You will find 4 broad categories in ShorTask-

·         Research     -The Tasks like finding a competitor site,research and give the cheapest,
·         Data Entry  - Entering some info, copy & paste jobs, extract text from images (etc)
·         Writing        - Writing a review, comment, short article (etc)
·         Design         - Design the Logo, banner design, header design (etc)
This task is very simple and easy Visit ShortTask Best of luck

Give Work

The Workers perform microwork for their client, enabling them to earn a living wage and more gains critical job skills necessary increases their lifetime earning if you want to join Samasorce

Thank you for reading my article, I will update this list in coming day's Good Luck for making millions of Dollars Do you have Any questions comment right now

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Two ways to increase normal traffic from Facebook

 I’m back. I am writing a long article for my blog, but I forgot to write an article for my blog Blogger Helper but now. I came back this week very crazy things going down IPL and Election. I watch IPL one word to explain wow! Match between Mumbai Indians vs. Rajasthan Royals finally, Mumbai wins a thriller wow! However, these busy days I plan to post an article for my blog a long time I post an Article for Blogger Helper sorry guys.

Two ways to increase traffic for your blog, they are a lot of tricks to increase traffic for your blog, but I like to give simple tricks. This will really help you; I post an article about How can I gain traffic from social network. Read read it guys. It very helps you to gain traffic, Traffic from Facebook it is not a big thing but increases your blog traffic three times this not easy, but I give you. How to increase traffic two times better than the normal traffic. READ CAREFULLY! Must read: How we can make money in Internet Marketing

Getting more traffic you need some trick Blogger Helper gives you that trick. You know a lot of our friends are in Facebook, but some of your friends don’t know how to use Facebook effectively. You have to blog, and you published an article for your blog but not getting traffic. This is a problem to every blogger and beginners getting traffic is a skill you have, firstly. I say to promote your blogs very effectively in Facebook. Carefully read the simple two steps.    Must read: Bloggerbeginner and Adsense guide

·                     Use Facebook groups:  Use Facebook groups effectively add many groups then. Promote your blog article like the example:   

Effective trick for Teenagers Can Make Money Online and Offline
 Or use shorten URL sites like
Effective trick for Teenagers Can Make Money Online and Offline

This can help you get traffic faster I recommended using. Shorten URL site like This can increase you double of your normal traffic. I notice that use it increases my blog's traffic two times wow! Use this method to increase traffic two times better than the normal traffic

·                     Use your Facebook page:Facebook page it is important to have a Facebook page and getting further likes. I have Facebook's page if you promote a blog article in Facebook's page in can increase traffic if you have more liked this method is very useful, for promote an article in Facebook's page. You must use language simple like describe your blog article simply and good language. This can attain more traffic. 

Use these above steps to increase traffic two times better than the normal traffic. If you have any problem, or you need to help conduct me, give. A Like our Facebook page Do you have Any questions comment right now!

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

The secret about Google and blogger

          Finally we post about the secret about Google and Blogger in past post we discus about blogging tricks, some hacks, how to make money , blogger widget and SEO this post is so special among past post The Happy Trick is ready to take final point What the secrete between these two one is Google and other is Blogger many of professional blogger know what is Google and what is Blogger but they don’t know what is the secrete among these two if somebody know the secrete he is teat as King in SEO but many high professional blogger may or may not give the secrete because they jealous about other blogger who makes sizable money, you all know Happy Trcik is the site gives you actual one we are not envious about others we just make you a way to make a great success like other there is the reason why new bee not make success in blogging Career it take so many years to take him a success but if he or she know what is the best way or what is the secret in blogging then he or she make success I’m sure this can help you make a better person Read also Effective trick for Teenagers Can Make Money Online and Offline

secret ,Google,Blogger

          The secrete in blogging career is. The, you and the blog post I discuss in the past about what is a better or best keyword you must use in your blog post read these. You find some idea about the keywords. Now let. See a popular web blog like CNET and Techchurch. The web blog makes millionsof Dollars every single day but how they earn or how they get huge rank in Google but why? These are questions. You must think as a blogger you must think how? But why? Where? These are the questionings you must ask yourself now to let come to the topic those weblogs the use high keywords in every blog post, so they can archive much from Google, Google says ‘the keyword is the heart of every blog post’ so you must use the right keywordsfor your blog post so you can achieve so many big. Think in the future. But how can I make perfect keywords for my blog post? This how your mind and vision can test you must think or knowing what is the future? Or what will be? or where the next? You can get an idea as an example if I make posts about Iphone 6, I make the first research about this topic. The predict what will be the post it in a perfect manner that’s it this show the important about the keywords, all keywords are hurt about your blog. Not forget it. Every site or blog keyword led you an extra life and sustainability in Search engine. It can be helpful long term. Read also. Howwe canmake moneyin InternetMarketing.

          If you have more posts and more attraction keywords, you can gain more attractive traffic from a search engine, especially from Google, do you know about Meta Tag? This is a significant tag in a blog and blog post. Meta tag helps you to attract traffic on the exact keywords you have to use in Meta tag this mean if your blog or website about tech-related niche you can use Meta tag tech related keywords this attractive more audiences Meta tag are the tag which particular your blog niche this important one this can help you more sustain in search engine traffic and attract more audiences based on your Meta tags' keywords. This is the secret in Google and blogger by using the right Meta tag keywords. You can attain maximum result and higher ranking and help you improve your search engine ranking I.e. SEO ranking Meta tag helps you attain a maximum results from you can you just sing the song like “Never say never” by Justin Beber. All meta tags have their own goal. Some goals are getting and popular in search engine, I.e. SEO others certain purpose. You must read this Top 5 survey site you must use.

          Google and Blogger are very close together Blogger. Is a blog created and free hosting you can post hundred of blog articles at coming search engine They are? Many tricks are used in Blogger and Google personally. Google not tell anybody. How? Like that if just find a trending keywords and how it poplar Google knows how when where, but they not tell properly as an example. Google not say what is trending or more relate keywordsin your blog , , Google doesn't say how to get maximum clicks in Google Adsense,they only say about some tips like that they are many tricks are there in the Internet today but use the trust one I personally feel the text ad is the better and earns more clicks per visitor Hunt We give more and trust one like tip's & tricks, hacks, Adsense, keywords (etc.) we promise you this site helps you all problems Read it free domain for your blog.

          The Title is the key weapon in blogging and Google if you use right or more search engines optimize title it helps, if you don’t mind let think about how to generate traffic quickly I mean within alternate in SEO title plays the important role one role is. It helps your visitor choice which article is needed to visit based on title and extra is it. Generate traffic shot term and long term this mean that you can get much traffic based on title and keywords you used, for instance. You just create a title more SEO freely example Google fire Obama this can generate more traffic within seconds like use more attractive and more short title this can help you for long term traffic 4Things Yahoo! Search is better than Google 2015.

          The prediction is the skill about knowing what will be happening this also toward the front planning your blog and post are done forward planning you can sustain in the long term. I'm sure about every article you create by conducting research. Research is the key one in the Internet. They are so many things are happening and going to you must research on Google like keyword research, article research, social network research, SEO research (etc.) this can help you to prepare or post an article for future, in blogging getting an idea is so difficult if you know more about Social Networks, then easy in the social network like Twitter you all know about twitter. Twitter gives your opinion to the world and freedom of expression and speech, for instance, in Twitter you have. Trending Now lists. You notice about this top trending list this can help how popular, For me twitter helps me what was going, create the article based on what information you collect Top 15 Free Website Speed Testing Tools 2016
          Thanks for reading our article wait for further update to this post are coming soon wait for that or simply subscribe to our blog or follow in G+ or give a like Facebook for further update.   

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